19 December, 2010

turning the sod

Years worth of secretions grip the shearing board.   Lanolin, motor oil, sheep shit covered moccasins and sweat, now for some grease.....
elbow grease.
  The Al Swearengen scrub.

for Chris.  working is fatiguing, working well is succeeding.

Putting up 3m high corrugated galvanised iron sheets often require an extra set of helpful hands - I owe those to Brianna and John.

12 December, 2010

hungry hungry honda

Lately I have been spending time on the family farm.  Here is my mothers mower in need of some repair.
Mind you the wheel was on, but I had to remove it to fix the height adjustment lever.  The handle did have one locking nut, with sellotape holding the other side.  Hay twine held the catcher hood open and 3 of the 4 bolts holding the motor to the chassis were missing!

Safe mowing mum.

06 December, 2010

Decemperature rising


SX-70 polaroid