11 September, 2012

Lapping it up

DMT Dia-Flat Diamond Coated Lapping Plate.  This is a worthwhile investment for flattening your waterstones, Arkansas stones or conventional stones.

09 September, 2012


Milling out Cardinia way with Glen Rundell using the TimberKing 2000 Band saw mill.  As the day went on, so did some Elm, Oak & Pear find its way into the Ute.
With a hefty weight now riding in the tray - Glen pointed out some previously cut Claret Ash, which had a hint of spalting & a little decay.
I took 5 boards (each 600mm x 1200mm x 35mm) thinking there might be something in it.

I decided to remove a small rotted section on all of the Claret Ash boards.  Here is a 230mm x 650mm section re-sawed to book match a 460mm wide panel.   I am very happy with this lot.

As for the rest - they sit patiently under the stairs for now. 

18 August, 2012

My Measure

 “We’ve got to discover what feels good and is really good. 
We can isolate ourselves In the process, establish our own standards
- even at the risk of self-delusion, maybe destruction.
Or we can open up, question, and try another measure.  What measure?
Oh that’s the heart of it all!  If I had to guess, and my life depended on it, I'd say integrity.
Not mine-something much more important, and durable.”

Krenov, James. 1977 The fine Art of Cabinetmaking p.59

I have, since February this year travelled a handful of times to Kyneton, Victoria.
Here Is where you can find that integrity in Glen Rundell and his family.
 Glen, a wood worker, chair maker, chair tool maker and writer of Rundell&Rundell.

Just one of the many good things to come from a few visits is an Elm (seat) and English Oak (undercarriage)Perch, designed from Peter Galbert templates – wood sourced by Glen & made by Glen & myself.

The English Oak was planted on the East side of the JFK Memorial Pond, Treasury Gardens, South of the Treasury Building.  The Elm was from Fawkner Park, Toorak Road side, on the Nth/Sth pathway on the East end of the park.  

The perch now at work, 
& for those waiting for their special piece 
thank you for your patience.

29 July, 2012