09 September, 2012


Milling out Cardinia way with Glen Rundell using the TimberKing 2000 Band saw mill.  As the day went on, so did some Elm, Oak & Pear find its way into the Ute.
With a hefty weight now riding in the tray - Glen pointed out some previously cut Claret Ash, which had a hint of spalting & a little decay.
I took 5 boards (each 600mm x 1200mm x 35mm) thinking there might be something in it.

I decided to remove a small rotted section on all of the Claret Ash boards.  Here is a 230mm x 650mm section re-sawed to book match a 460mm wide panel.   I am very happy with this lot.

As for the rest - they sit patiently under the stairs for now. 


  1. Love the first photo Tim and nice book-match of the Claret Ash. The bandsaw is obviously in fine form.


  2. Thanks Glen. So far it's handling everything I can feed it! - tho the entire bandsaw has a flutter of a vibration issue front to back, think the problem is an unbalanced top wheel.
    Wouldnt pass the dime test, but the blade is stable between the Carter Guides.