21 September, 2010

Spotted Gum

Spotted Gum eucalyptus maculata tree at base.
photography:  Mette Spange

DAR (dressed all round) untreated Spotted Gum board.  Shown is a section of the length of wood which was used to create the tray for Ruination.

I opened the board on the band saw and book matched.  The graphics of the wood worked into this elongated diamond shape distinguishing the heartwood & sapwood.
This particular board had a lanolin texture to it, enhanced also by the ray which adds a sense of motion even when the barrow is idle.

Glue-up.  Notice staggered boards, this occurrs because I am searching for a whole board look - Harmonious.

Red Ironbark 

First cut can be fatal!
Working with one length only to get all the parts for the barrow 'Post' and half for "Dry-stone" required some patience and luck.
I have retrofitted a 6" riser block kit to my 14" bandsaw and use 1/2" Wood Slicer Bandsaw Blades

 55mm x 1.5mm x 1200mm strips for bent laminated rim
Titebond III glue used.

Dry fit getting ready for drilling holes for pins.

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