05 January, 2011

What tree is this?

Growing in Western District Victoria.
I have been asking around and one suggestion is Eucalyptus annulata.


Any ideas?

 Flitch - cutting a limb which fell off the tree.

 Wood sawn and stacked ready for air-drying.

Questions I need to answer to help identification:

- Is the plant native to the area or was it cultivated?

- Is it a tree or a mallee (multi-stemmed)?

- Is the bark rough towards the base of the trunk?

- Are the buds, branches or leaves glaucous*?
*Coated with a bluish-white 'bloom' (a powdery-wax secretion), sometimes giving leaves a grey or silvery appearance
ref. Native Trees and Shrubs of South-Eastern Australia.  Leon Costermans. New Holland Publishers ISBN 1876334649


  1. Tim I have a book called 'trees of victoria and adjoining areas' written by the same guy. Your picture there is definitely of a tree, I dare say L.C. himself would back us up there. Beyond that I can't help. He doesn't seem to have given this particular tree a mention in the book but you're welcome to have a look for yourself. It sure is a nice tree though. Perhaps its a migrant from further north. Dane